The Integrated means of communication

ICT, Information and Communication Technology

ICT has become an integrated part of our society. The Gothenburg region is home to cutting edge expertise in several fields, such as telematics, microwave technology and digital visualisation. Business Region Göteborg provides you with knowledge and contacts and opens doors for those who would like to be a part of the industry.

ICT is one of the Gothenburg region’s strongest growth industries spanning more than 5,300 different companies. These include Ericsson, along with the company’s second largest research and development facility, Volvo IT, Telia Sonera and Saab Microwave Systems.

ICT is used throughout society and the application areas are both many and varied. At BRG we focus our initiatives on five categories, which we assess to be strong in the Gothenburg region with good growth potential. These five areas are:

  • Embedded systems
  • Infrastructure and cloud services
  • Mobile technology
  • Visualisation and gaming
  • Microwave technology

Environments for innovation

The Gothenburg region is a favourable environment for actors in ICT. We have two universities that offer qualitative research and education, several major industrial companies and close collaborations between enterprise, academia and the public sector. There are also large industries in need of new IT solutions, such as the automotive industry, the logistics sector and the life sciences.

Cross-disciplinary and cross-industry collaborations are channelled via three science parks, the largest being Lindholmen Science Park with a focus on vehicles, ICT and media. Lindholmen is home to Vehicle ICT Arena, which works with vehicle IT, TUCAP, which is a development centre for ICT functions in ambulance environments, and Visual Arena, a neutral environment for development projects in visualisation. Also found here is Open Arena, which is a physical meeting place for open innovation and research collaboration across boundaries.

Gothenburg even has several incubators, such as Chalmers Innovation and Sahlgrenska Science Park, where new projects and spin-off companies can get help with business development, premises, financing and more.

What we do

Business Region Göteborg strengthens the ICT industry by initiating and participating in networks, cutting edge clusters and meeting places. We’re even party to research and development projects and have chosen to highlight a number of areas that are essential to overcoming future challenges in sustainability, health and mobility:

  • e-Health
  • Smart networks
  • Logistics, transport, enterprise resource planning

Business Region Göteborg even mediates contacts and supports companies and investors that are interested in establishing or expanding their operations here.

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