Airtel with Appolo


Telemedicine is a direct answer to this. Through this innovative partnership, Family Health and Apollo Hospitals will collaboratively provide quality health care delivery to meet the needs of all patrons in Ghana. The entire process starts with a simple call to Family Health hospital and is available to all Airtel customers as well as customers on other local networks. However, Airtel customers enjoy a whopping discount when accessing this facility” .

He continued “At Airtel, we believe that technology must be fully harnessed to address the challenges that confront us. We have led the way in data and digital innovation to provide relevant solutions that address the lifestyle needs of our customers. We are powering this partnership with our Communication, Connectivity and Collaborative solutions to support the health needs of our customers and Ghanaians across the country. That is the power of the ‘Internet of Things’ and we are excited to be leading the way in this. Through this service patrons can now have access to medical services from world class doctors and consultants in preventive and curative medical care”.

On his part, Professor Yao Kwawukume, President of Family Health Hospital and Medical School said “Family Health Hospital, the Medical School and Nursing School is excited to be associated with this innovation which will enhance our teaching by exposing our students and doctors to what pertains in the frontiers of medical care. Family Health believes strongly in sharing and caring and in any knowledge which will strengthen and protect the family unit, the very structure of society is our focus”.

He added “in education, our medical students, post graduate students and the nursing students would have complete access to this facility all day round and this would enhance the number of lecturers they will have. The telemedicine facility will also facilitate continuous medical education with our counterparts in other parts of the world so that our students would not feel disadvantaged. I am therefore happy to see many professors, lecturers, good friends and family coming to this launch.

Secondly, the telemedicine facility allows patients and healthcare professionals the platform to seek second opinions in the health sector so that in cases of doubtful diagnosis we can discuss our problems with the rest of the world especially with our partner practitioners in the diaspora who have already shown a lot of interest in joining us to teach our medical students”.

Dr. Alok Ranjan, Senior Consultant at Apollo Hospitals said, “Apollo hospitals has partnered with hospitals in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Mauritius, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait to provide telemedicine services and it is now the largest telemedicine provider in India with 71 centers. And, we are excited to partner with the Smartphone Network and the Family Health Hospital in Accra to bring global standard telemedicine services to residents of Ghana.

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